Dystopia Demo!!!


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 24, 2004
Well the guys who are creating the Dystopia mod have released a demo of there game today. If you never heard of this mod, its a mod being creating on the Source Engine, and has prooved itself as a really good mod. Game play is fun and unique at the same time. Give it a try.

cool! I've waited awhile for this one.....finally the good source mods are beginning to arrive!
I havn't had many lag problems.

Anyone know if you can turn bloom on for this mod? I remember seeing it enabled in the cyberspace preview vid.
I am REALLY impressed with the visuals and models, the gameplay is a little confusing at the moment.. (Because you need to jack-in to everything) -

But its definitely cool, turning on the thermal and the sound detector is REALLY nify.

WOW this game rules. SOOOOOOO good. I just got done playing it for several hours. Once you figure out how everthing works, implants, hacking, etc. it is a blast to play. Man i had never heard of this before now and i am amazed. way better than that minerva conflict or whatever that was called. i hope that the full version comes out soon.

Highly recommended, D/l it now bitches!
Yes it is a good, fun game and I recommend it. I played it for about 15 minutes... really impressed by the visuals... I just dont get the objectives quite yet.

Maybe it's about time I actually went and got myself a copy of HL2. This looks decent, and Goldeneye/Perfect Dark: Source are coming along.

I just was never that interested in Half-Life, and I absolutely cannot stand CS for some reason. I don't really know why, as I sort of enjoy Frag Ops, which seems to play almost the same way.

Meh... think there's a price drop coming?
man i just got done playing this game for another several hours. soooooo fun.
I think this is the best source mod yet. I like it MUCH MORE than DM. Excellent Game.
CellBlock said:

Goldeneye/Perfect Dark: Source

Meh... think there's a price drop coming?

Goldeneye Source, is only multiplayer though. But, here is a mod people should look out for. Blackmesasource.com A complete recreation of Half Life's singleplayer in Source.
yeah forget those mods, dystopia needs to put out a full release!! it's sooooooooooooo good.

lol, i'm excited about Goldeneye actually, i loved that game when it first came out.

Proximity mines FTW!