Dust free case - work trailer environment


Jun 13, 2003
Looking for something as close to a dust free case as possible, for a work trailer environment for a client I support. Something with single intake with fan/filter combo. Office trailer is horrible for dirt/dust/etc... and their current Dell desktops have to be cleaned very frequently. Hoping someone out here has had to tackle a similar problem.

Other than that no real requirements as it's fairly low power box for standard office tasks.

Although, fanless doesn't always mean no dust. I've worked with several systems that are several years old that had lots of dust, and they were basically fanless.
If you are looking to do just standard office work, go with a nano-itx or mini-itx solution. You can make them fanless, plus they are very small to save space.


I have been seeing these mini itx systems all over the place. They are so cheap now, I think I am going to build one just for Ebay and CL browsing and answering buyer questions.