Duplicating PC Screen to TV - HDMI Alternatives?


Jun 30, 2003
Sometimes I game on my monitor, sometimes I like to sit back on my bed and play games on my 55" smart TV. I currently have a 2M HDMI cable going from my video card into the back of the TV and I use the duplicate option to mirror what's shown on my monitor to my TV. I am in the process of buying a new bed and I am going to move my desk to the other side of the room. This means the 2m HDMI cable is not going to be long enough to reach my TV. I could buy a really long HDMI cable but was wondering if there was a wireless way of doing this? One that doesn't require me to run cable from one side of my room to the other.

Any NVIDIA or Steam software to do this? I have an 2017 NVIDIA Shield too if that can help (Thinking Google Play Store here)
Steam In-Home streaming and/or Steam Link. It means using the Steam Conroller too- and it ellicits either a love-it/hate-it response.
I use Steam in-home streaming if you are going to have a PC anywhere near the TV.

If all you will have is the Shield, if your gaming PC has an nVidia card you can operate Gamestream on that for much the same effect.

You can also run the big HDMI cable for zero-lag gaming and essentially zero 'configuration' to mess with, but you do have the potential issue of "where do I plug in my inputs? Do my wireless controllers work at that range?" etc.