DuckDuckGo Hits High of 30 Million Searches in One Day


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Aug 20, 2006
DuckDuckGo appears to be gaining in popularity: the privacy-focused search engine has hit a new daily record of 30 million searches in a single day. While DDG’s numbers still pale in comparison to Google and other market leaders, they may be a sign that recent privacy scandals have encouraged people to try out alternatives.

Even at its latest peak, DuckDuckGo handles a fraction of a percent of the 3.5 billion searches processed by Google every day. It's not just Google, either. According to, DuckDuckGo still trails a number of other search engines in traffic, including Yahoo, Bing, and internet relic—though it does have AOL beat. On a good day, DuckDuckGo claims about a fifth of a percent of the total search market. You can't cut a slice of the pie much thinner than that.
Since I found DDG (which was brought to my attention on a thread somewhere [H]ere) I've used it extensively. The more I use it, the more I like. It's now my default search engine on all my computers.

DDG is the way to go.
I still think Google is "better" but I've made DDG my default now and try to only use Google when I need to.

I have to say, the name is really stupid, probably one of the main things that kept me from using it sooner. It's hard to take something seriously when it's named "duck duck go".
As with others, I've been slowly switching over. If I know I can get a frontpage hit easily enough (i.e. I'm looking for a Wikipedia page of something), I'll use it. If I'm looking for something more complex, I'll still stick with Google. Hopefully over time it gets better.
They can still improve for sure, but have come a long way and don't have the privacy issues others do (yet), their mobile browser also works pretty good for me.
forced myself to use it as my default for a month, had to go back. Its good but Google/Bing are very superior.
I've been using it exclusively for at least a couple of years now and it works just fine for me.
Linux + Firefox / DDG + VPN = Protected & Middle Finger to Big Brother and Corporations who monitor / profit everything you do on your PC.
I thought DuckDuckGo doesn't keep logs or doesn't log users so if they don't how did they get this data?
I've tried it multiple times, but I've never been satisfied with the search results.
How exactly does DDG make money is the question?
Ads based on keywords (non tracking) and affiliate to Amazon and others I think.

If you had gone to DDG you would've found that info :-/
Linux + Firefox / DDG + VPN = Protected & Middle Finger to Big Brother and Corporations who monitor / profit everything you do on your PC.
This is a good start but still a long way to go

Add duckduckgo privacy extension
Ublock origin

And now you're much closer

Searx and startpage are great alternatives to ddg
Been using it for a long time. I switched after it got to where Google only wanted to give me shopping information when I search scientific topics. I have to look up information on chemicals daily and if you try to type Boric Acid into Google, the first two pages seem to be adds for someone selling it, not links to something giving molecular weight, density, chemical formula, ect. DDG seems to give what I need faster.
I like DDG because it isn't some "tailored" bullshit like Google gives.

I don't want tailored results. I want legit results. I want accurate, relevant results based on content, not based on what a search engine wants to tell me what content I should look at because it's trying to appease its shareholders and be politically correct. Fuck the shareholders, and fuck the political correctness. Neither one delivers answers I give a shit about.
I use DDG - it works ok. I try to avoid Google products - they are a creepy company like Facebook in my opinion.
Yeah I use Chrome incognito and DuckDuckGo quite a bit when on my phone.

And Epic/DDG for the PC.
I like google, as what I search in google, google feeds back stuff to my newstand in androids google news app. For existence, googling 2019 kona lava dome results later mountain biking news in google news app, which I like.