Dual WAN redundancy solution needed


Jun 27, 2004
We used to run a Hotbrick 800/2 (2 WAN ports, round-robin, failover and redundancy - one session goes out one WAN port, the next session - the second WAN port.) It kept track of it all and was seamless and invisible to the user. Now that thing has gone out (bad switch).

The cost to repair is less than $250 but I wanted to explore other options.

Anything like it for that price range yet?
I could care less about the administration. Office has a dozen folks all the time up to about 3 dozen - honestly the 2 WAN links (which are 6mbit/512k dsl) are overkill, but the boss likes to surf fast... Only requirement is the price and the load balancing/failover. We never used the VPN stuff on the hotbrick.
I use a Netgear FVX538 and it works pretty well for the most part. The only quirk I have experienced with it is that YouTube videos don't like to load sometimes unless you force HTTP traffic to go through only one of the WAN ports.
i was going to say the Linksys one, i used an old one that didn't work the best on dual wan, but a few people have been mentioning it.