dual source feed backhaul


Oct 9, 2002
I've been dealing with a midpoint hop across 2 towns to reach my destination town and now that possibilities have expanded I was able to directly feed internet a few towns away without the need for a midpoint. My problem is that I have about 50megs pumping through the direct connection and 30 from the midpoint connection. Both feed to the same building/tower/location. How should I divvy the feeds (I can't plug both receiving feed into ONE switch but I don't want to just not use a reliable 30 meg feed.

Our source headend has 100mb so using 50 and 30 means they won't have to fight for leverage, I'm just unsure how to split my feeds (obviously higher density should receive the higher feed). what do you think?

TS means ToughSwitch (a managed L2 switch)

Before the rocket dish units were available we had a PTP midpoint. (30mb throughput)

Router ---> TS #1 ---> TS #2 ---> TS #3 (destination town)

We have since gotten a rocket dish directly feeding our area (50mb throughput)

Router ---> TS #1 ---> TS #4