Dual Radiator Ncase M1 - Need Advice please. Take a look


Feb 25, 2021
I really want to have to most quiet system possible. So after reading EK's material on Rad sizes, YouTube Tech vids and full of threads and different opinions, I understand that a thicker RAD can be great, but fans must run higher to provide the proper cooling, this means fans running at higher RPMs and will be a lot louder. ☹️

So I finally received the EK Coolstream PE 240 last week, but I'm on the fence!

Here's the question: Should I get the EK Coolstream SE 240 instead?

The fans would run lower RPMs, less noise, a bit more space in the case...and based on my understanding (maybe I'm wrong), I would get the the same cooling efficiency as the PE.

Or should I just stick with the PE?

One lat thing, I do potentially plan to OC the CPU to 4.7ghz on all cores (maybe push to 5ghz).

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts a d opinions!!

Be safe everyone!

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