Dual Monitor set up: 3007 Dell and 24" Dell (portrait mode) on right side. What impro

Apr 22, 2007
Hi All:

I currently have a dual monitor set up: 3007 Dell (in center) and 24" Dell (portrait mode) on right side. The right side 24" portrait Dell monitor is mostly Outlook all the time, with Windows task manager at the very top right corner, top left corner is CNN playing in a small window (roughly 4" tall by 6" wide) using a tv card/Windows Media Center. The center main 30" 3007 HC Dell has typically two Firefox windows open with many tabs for each Firefox (my task bar on the 30" monitor is on the left side rather than the typical bottom of screen).

The reason for my right hand side 24" Dell to be rotated to portrait orientation is to save desk space, plus the fact that the 30" plus the 24" both in landscape is very very wide indeed - too wide possibly.

I'm thinking about a reconfiguration of my monitors, possibly making a new purchase. My 24" has a dimmed tube on the far right (far right now in portrait is equivalent to the top of the 24" if it were in the standard landscape mode). It appears that one tube is not working properly but it is perfectly acceptable as i'm merely using it on the right side for Outlook purposes, and it is more than readable, just somewhat dimmed, albeit not ideal. I figure that at some point, more will go wrong with my 24"...who knows when...it's been like this for 2 years already!

One idea would be to move my 30" 3007 HC Dell to the right side in lieu of my 24", turn it to portrait mode, though I'd have to find a VESA stand that allows the large 30" 3007HC to be mounted with sufficient clearance to the desk. One concern is ventilation as the 3007HC has vents at the top - leading me to believe that the fanless cooling is only fully effective if the 3007HC were to be in its intended, landscape mode. Would going to portrait mode cause harm to the 3007HC?

In place of the center where the 3007HC has been, I can either buy:

(1) a Dell 3008, or

(2) an LG W3000H-Bn

The LG W3000H-Bn has received a very high rating from Newegg's customers with an 85% 5 egg rating! That is almost unheard of in my shopping/reading experience at Newegg - whatever it is, it is an exceptionally favorable rating score. Please see: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824005115


- May I ask the good folks here what ideas you all might have for me to improve upon my current configuration of a 2-monitor set up?

- Would there be a good stand option for my 3007HC Dell monitor in order for it to be mounted in portrait mode w/sufficient clearance?

- Would there be harm done to the 3007HC due to the top vents being to the right hand side if I were to mount the 3007HC in portrait mode?

Thanks very much in advance.
Feb 24, 2010
about the cooling of 3007wfp, should it not be covered by warranty?
I belive the 3007WFP does have pivot/portrait function?

if it does it should be ok to have it in portrait but in the end it is youre call, also it should be covered by warrantybut you can always check with Dell