dual desktop


Aug 3, 2004
Hey guys, i just got a lcd, so im thinking of retiring my 17" CRT, then i was browsing and i saw a mention of dual desktop? i was wondering how that would work, i know i would need a second pci display card for the monitor but it is anything like doing desktop stretching? or is it like having 2 computers, what happens when u full screen a game? and any other things u might think worth mentioning, thanks.
Hehe for dual monitors you will have to have a video card that has two VGA inputs, or a VGA and DVI or two DVI. From the sound of it you are rather new to this sorta thing so I wouldn't go trying to buy a PCI card and make a dual monitor system outta it hehe. If you did have a video card that allowed for two VGA inputs then the screen would just be stretched yes. And for games, they would appear as normal on whichever screen you declare as your primary.
i have a bba 9800pro, so i only got 1 dvi output. but it would be great if i could get the second monitor working, is it really complicated?