DroneClash Turns Counter Drone Research Into a Sport


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Mar 3, 2018
As drones get cheaper and easier to control, security and safety issues related to their operation are becoming more important than ever. While governments are working on drone regulations, and some companies are already selling countermeasures to large organizations, a group of enthusiasts and experts recently decided to turn counter-drone research into a spectator sport. Over the weekend, nine international teams entered a battle to "bring down the rival Queen drone" that was broadcast on the internet, but anti-drone contest didn't stop there. DroneClash organized an event encouraging white-hack hackers to compromise commercial drones, also also hosted a counter drone tech expo. The organizers posted the entire live stream of the competition on their YouTube channel.

Check out the recap here.

There is not yet a silver bullet for the authorities to safely and effectively down a drone. However, by bringing together the bright minds and enthusiasm of drone developers and hobbyists with the counter-drone industry and the end-users, counter-drone measures can be tested and fine-tuned. In the words of the University's Kevin van Hecke, one of the brains behind the competition: "The solution we are working towards is some sort of mechanical eagle. This year were saw DroneClash competitors replicate the flying speeds, and ramming force of birds of prey. But we still have big steps to take in terms of grasping and safely depositing a rogue drone. We will continue to organise future DroneClash events and evolve the rules to push counter-drone innovation further, faster."


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Oct 6, 2010
Wish there was still the difficulty gate that prevented anyone from just jumping into the hobby. Though the ones that are there for hobby don't tend to cause problems intentionally. Its the group of "watch what I can do with the drone my parents got me".

I just like to fly around the work place afterhours or go out to the farm and do flips around in a field.

The wife though might get chased around the house with it, but not going to confirm that I had anything to do with that or not.


Mar 21, 2016
TV makes it look exciting with all of the lighting and quick camera changes... But it's actually quite boring.


Nov 29, 2004
Reminds me of Battlebots.. this could be a fun alternative to that, since it's been gone awhile.

Just looked and it changed channels, doh! I missed a whole season..

Bring on the flying robot battles! :)


Jan 24, 2005
Seems fun, however the most effective methods would immediately be banned in the arena for literally giving everyone in the audience cancer. i.e. High C battery + inverter + magnetrons.