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Dec 31, 1969
This company claims that its drone security system is capable of identifying, tracking, and autonomously hunting rogue drones. Not only that, the drone's flight system learns and is capable of anticipating and reacting to a rogue drone's every move in real time. John Connor is lucky this thing wasn't around in the 1990's or his little ass would have been on a milk carton. ;)
"Rogue drone" is what I call it when a bean counter on the 4th floor goes too far into the rabbit hole of monthly company card expenses and comes out the other end in the corner hissing, foaming, and yammering jibberish.
There are small/fast drones that monstrous thing ain't gonna catch.
That drone is barely moving, even $100 self built kits can hit over 30mph, higher kits at $500 can hit over 100mph