Drone + Handgun = Flying Gun

Who needs security guards when you have autonomous drones flying over the place.
It worked out well in HL2. How many police union members did you see standing around choking down donuts and drinking coffee? None. The guards were bashing heads and drones were shooting people efficiently!
Am I wrong in saying that the handgun in the video looks like a PMR-30?

.22 magnum.

Technologically, I don't have an issue with this, and view it as a cool project.
Ethically, I'm a much bigger fan of maintaining positive control of my weapon, ie: In my grubby little hands. It'd be too easy for someone to shoot down my drone, recover my weapon, and then use it in an illegal manner. Nope. Not getting onboard with this one xD

You're probably right, I only watched it on my mobile but it does look like it could be a PMR30. Based on the sound and preceived recoil it definitely seems like it could be a 22 mag
That thing could barely handle the recoil of that pistol. How are we supposed to have drones with 20mm cannons? Would have to be as big as a car.
The issue I have is that once Skynet takes over, these things would be flying all over shooting people.