Driving a Dell PLP Setup with a Radeon 280x Vapor-X


May 16, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble driving my dell PLP setup (2007+3007+2007) monitors with my newly replaced Sapphire radeon 280x vapor-x tri fan card.
I connect my main 30" to the DL-DVI connection, one of the 2007's to the second dvi conenctor and the third to the hdmi connector.
The card wont allow me to drive all three of them simultaneously, once i plug the hdmi connector both of the 2007's go down.

Ive read that the new XTL core for the 280x does support natively three monitors but for some reason they wont work.

Can anyone shed some light on the subject?
Is there a special combination of cables i need?
Is there a way to avoid using Displayport to DVI converters?

You can't use both DVI connectors at the same time on that card. Plug the 30" into the display port, one into the HDMI, and one into the DVI-I (white one). Use adapters if you have to.
Im currently running one of the 2007's and the 3007 from DVI ports on the card.
Sorry, I meant to say both DVI ports won't work in conjunction with the use of a 3rd port. The only way for 3 way on that card is to use DP, HDMI, and one DVI. Then it will work for you.
yep, one of the dvi ports shares the circuit with the hdmi or something, so its one or the other (secondary DVI, or HDMI, not both). You have to use DP for a 3rd. I'm actually surprised they havent changed this. I remember this being the case when I had my HD5750 eyefinity setup. why cant they make it work without DP?
There are only two TDMS links on all GCN 1.0 boards..

The third monitor must use a DP port; either native or with an active adapter. Passive wont cut it.

GCN 1.1 and later have 3 TDMS links, so an active adapter isnt nessiary for 3 monitors.
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