drives for non-critical vm datastore mirror?


Sep 26, 2011
I had built a little 2 way mirror datastore on 4 old 350GB spinning disks, and it's working fine (maybe a little sluggish sometimes). But one of the drives just failed and it's time to replace.
I'll probably just get 4 x 256G 840 pros because I know they work. But just wanted to check if there's some Intel or something that would work better/cheaper. Maybe a longer warranty? I don't want to get jammed up for space so I think something around 250GB would be minimum. These are just running like a domain controller and some other windows stuff and a nagios install in a small office.
OR who makes a reliable 3.5" spinning drive these days that isn't some huge > 2TB thing? Or cause a bunch of headaches with it's "green" features?
Alternatively, if you don't want a large hard drive, you could get a couple of 2.5" drives, like 500GB WD's or something. Two of them would cost less than a single SSD, but won't generally give the same performance as even desktop drives. Some of them are close, though. The 640GB Samsungs are pretty good, but they might have better technology out now.