Drive Mapping Issues in 1909


[H]F Junkie
Sep 6, 2007
It seems that something has changed with how drives are mapped in Windows 10 version 1909. I'm experiencing this issue myself (home and work), and some of my users are having the issue as well.

If you build a script using the net use command to map network drives, they don't see to be available to Windows Explorer or applications. Yet, if you open a command prompt, you can navigate to the drive by letter.

Mapping a drive manually in Explorer also works, but if that's the only method used, then the drive letter isn't available in a DOS prompt.

I have a few users who created custom scripts based on the projects they've been working on. When they boot in the morning, then run the script they need to use for that day. No credentials need to be entered, and they don't need/want persistence. Should be a simple task, and their scripts used to work fine. However, since upgraded to 1909, this seems to be broken.

Any suggestions? Each use has local admin rights to their laptops.