DRAM ASP Poised to Continue Descent into the Second Half-Year, Says TrendForce

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    With Inventories Yet to Fully Clear, DRAM ASP Poised to Continue Descent into the Second Half-Year, Says TrendForce


    "Declines Show No Signs of Shrinking for PC and Server DRAM, While Slowing for Mobile DRAM

    Looking at the price trends of various DRAM applications for this year, commodity DRAMs and server DRAMs exhibit the most salient drops since the fourth quarter last year due to higher inventory levels. PC demand was quite sluggish in the first half-year owing to the lack of shipment growth and the yet-to-be-alleviated Intel CPU shortage in mid-range and low-end devices. Mainstream 8GB commodity DRAM module solutions, for example, have fallen by 30% in price in the first quarter, with the bottom price lying around 40 USD. ASP will proceed to move towards 35 USD in the second season looking forward, and may even hit the 30 USD threshold by year-end"


    3 years for prices to normalize is not normal. I can see it hitting harder than before since mobile demand is ever slowing. Mining taking a drive and the round of server refresh being over. Are we going to see what DDR4 should be until the next supposed uptick in price?
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    Notice the Samsung B-die good stuff hasn't gotten much cheaper. Was hoping that would fall. Maybe there will be better RAM compatability fo Hynix stuff with the Zen2 refresh.
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    I hope this is true. I could use 256GB of Registered ECC DDR4 so I can finally upgrade my aging server...

    The only thing stopping me is the cost of the RAM.