"Dr. Grordbort's Invaders" AR Game Gets a Trailer


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Mar 3, 2018
Coinciding with the wider availability of the Magic Leap One, Weta Workshop showed off a new trailer for "Dr. Grordbort's Invaders" at L.E.A.P. Con. The game will be available for free, and is rumored to include some sort of multiplayer functionality. More info should be coming out of L.E.A.P. Con soon, for those who are interested. The Magic Leap's app store is relatively empty at this point, but developers did show off an Angry Birds trailer last month.

Check out the trailer here.

The magic of LuminOS planes and meshing API makes Dr. Grordbort's Invaders fully interact with your world. Robots come through the walls, the floor - even from behind your couch. And with the GPU and CPU engine generating hyper-real visuals, every Probebot, Simpletron and Thugmobot will have you feeling like you're really surrounded.


Sep 30, 2010
It appears to be very low-res with lousy animation and a very narrow FOV. It's "all gameplay footage captured on the device, except for that bit at the end"...the last bit being the last minute of a 1:50 video which was clearly far superior quality CGI not obtained from the device.

If they want to properly show off this tech they'll have someone in a space and demonstrate how the games adapt whenever they randomly jumble the furniture around and create a new environment. A heavily scripted (and short) video is not gonna cut it, especially with the device selling for $2300 or whatever.


Oct 10, 2009
This looks so interactive and thrilling. It's totally something to do at a party just like it shows in the advert. This is as good of an advert as that Nintendo Switch add were people are playing basketball, stop sit down, pull out switches and start to play basketball on their Nintendo switchs, side by side, with their friends rather than ...play...basketball.

From the perspective of the girl eating popcorn, wouldn't she be bored as hell basically eating popcorn and staring at a guy with a headset on waving his hands around going "OMG, this is so cool!". She can't see any of the AR crap b/c she has no headset. So she's basically watching a grown man walk back/forth and point his hand or palm at a wall while wearing funny looking glasses. Pretty sure, if you took that bowl of popcorn to your local mental health institution and sat down on a couch there, you'd have an almost identical experience.

I suspect if anything, the guy making dinner in the background and the girl eating the popcorn are going to wind up being together while the AR guy spends all night pointing at the wall and ending up forever alone.


Jan 21, 2013
AR for gaming is pretty stupid. I wish they would quit trying to make it happen, it's never gonna happen. They should focus instead on making AR actually useful...medical applications, navigation, pulling up additional information on products when you are shopping, etc. There are plenty of truly useful applications here, but instead, we get...this...fail.
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