DPC latency checker lower on SSDs?


Apr 30, 2014

I installed win 10 today on a 3tb 7200 Seagate HDD, but when I ran DPC checker and everything was hovering below yellow in the green, with very few spikes here and there. Also noticed spikes to like 20 when I load chrome, STEAM, or any other apps.

No driver issues, everything is smooth sailing, Win 10 installed all drivers for me automatcially (besides 3rd party), I'm only concerned becuase I want windows 10 for my work hard drive, and I want it to be 100% compatible with a WIndows 10 laptop I buy.


GA UD5 X79
gtx 660
1600mz Gskill 64gb

1. Windows 7 is on a SSD, the DPC is extremely low. Would installing Windows 10 on a SSD solve this issue? I heard it only has to do with CPU, so I'm not sure I should waste my time.

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Or is this just a windows 10 with my old x79 thing? Win 7 if flawless. 500us vs 100us
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Ugh thought so, I mean it's not bad if I'm gaming, but this is also a work machine. Everything in device manager and Process window (LatencyMon) looks normal. Even installed nvidia
As Valnar stated, DPC checker doesn't work on Win 8+. Try this one: http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon - also, the best way to decrease latency (assuming your drivers aren't malfunctioning) is to turn off power saving features in the bios and Windows. Things that lower the clock rate and disable all C-states.
+1 for latencymon.

The only high latency you should see on 10 is from the page file.