Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

cgrant26 said:
Just a couple quick questions:
I'm noticing a lot of the aluminum framework you use is pre-formed. Are you using aluminum door thresholds for stock?
What power tools do you employ to get the clean cuts on your aluminum parts? If I had to guess, I'd say mainly a drillpress and a chop-saw, but I'd like to know for sure. :)
In that first pic, is that a Foredom I see in the background? (for those who don't know; Dremel tools bow down to the mighty Foredom)

hey thanks for the replies folks--Unfortunatly i wasnt able to make it to QuakeCon, as you may have guessed and as I stated earlier in the thread--I have been really busy this year with other projects and just would not be happy "rushing" this case at the last minute to make the event--also, I'm never shipping a case by common courrier (UPS, FedEx, et al) ever again--only specialty art handling will do--I've had too many close calls and full blown nightmares shipping my work in the past. Art shippers carefully load your box onto a truck and treat it with respect from door to door. These shipments go out on truck "shuttles" a few times a month, so its not like you can do rush service.

Cgrant26, those are indeed extruded alum parts found in home improvment stores--they are inexpensive and are really handy for creating odd shapes and mechanisms. I use alum door saddles (or threshhold) and molding a lot as you can see. I cut on a Delta bandsaw and clean up with files and buffing machine.

and yeah!--thats a heavy duty Foredom in the background. I have to keep it across the room from the little Dremel because it always picks on it and kicks its ass after school.
Project is still looking great and I am glad you are sticking to your build standards than trying to meet someone else's timetable.
CrimsonSky said:
But the case will def be finished before the Movie is released ;)

Id Software should have you at the premier with your case. Maybe Kyle can help to arrange something?
Here's a short video showing the motorized airlock in action. The retract servo is controleld by a small single channel servo controller board that runs at 5v DC. The airlock LED light changes to red once it is fully opened and then to white when closed--i may change this to green but i didnt have any on hand.

Airlock Door DivX

Airlock Door Windows media
IMHO, I think it would look better if the light were green when the door was fully open, and red the rest of the time. It would make more sense, kind of like a light telling you it was safe to walk in... just my $.02
i have to say, this is the most beautiful thing i have EVER seen... its just so detailed and WOW! any fucking wallpapers or anything to go along with the project? :D wallpapers for it--but thats a neat idea, maybe I'll put something together for when its finished :D --thanks for the feedback!
no problem :D for a while i thought it was never gonna be done lol, it seemed to have gone to sleep lol

the airlock is just wow... is the fan gonna be intake or exhaust? id think exhaust would be proper for an airlock lol

i can just hear a "whoosh" in my head watching that video lol
The airlock fan will be intake--a big 'ole PanaFlo 120mm blowing right on the twin watercooled 7800 GTXs :D
Here is a shot showing the case mocked up thus far--Just a bit of scratchbuilding, wiring, watercooling, lighting and hardware installation left to do--and of course--some airbrushing and hand painting :)

It's looking so frigging awesome!!! It just gets better and better! I can't wait to see more! :D
Very Nice. That's going to look mighty fine once you get all the airbrushing done. I am very interested to see how it looks with the hardware installed.

I also think its a shame you didn't make it to Quakecon. I would have liked to shake your hand and say "howdy". Perhaphs next year.

Keep up the Great modding.
Wow it really looks nice. The movie is also cool, only it's to bad, that more than the half of the time we see nothing, only ad's for the sites ;)

But your mod doesn't look like a computer at all anymore, you can place it in your living room, as a statue :D
CrimsonSky said:
Eventually! ;)

you're truly an amazing talent. Take all the time you need to do it right. I need to resculpt my zombie face for my mod which has been in the works for about 8 months.

It'll be done just like Doom3 itself: When it's ready. If this doesn't win every single contest it's entered in, then I know a couple people who'll take whatever the judges are on :p
Sweet! Not long now I imagine. It's really coming together nicely. I often forget there's going to be a computer in that case. :)
ikellensbro said:
It'll be done just like Doom3 itself: When it's ready. If this doesn't win every single contest it's entered in, then I know a couple people who'll take whatever the judges are on :p

There are alot of other nice mods as well... Bonzanego comes to mind...

Nice work though.
Do you plan to enter your project in the A.C. Ryan worklog contest? We need more fine representations from the [H]ardForum and this is definitely a fine project. :D
CrimsonSky said:
My deadline for completion is on October 10th--It will be at the Digital Life show in NYCity October 14-16th if anyone is in the metro area :D

hey i'll come just to see you. I'll take the ferry to the train and be there in an hour. Where will you be located on the floor?
Qwertyman said:
hey i'll come just to see you. I'll take the ferry to the train and be there in an hour. Where will you be located on the floor?

Yeah! me too.... but I'll fly, anyhow, what boot are you going to be at?
Hey it would be great to see some folks from [H] there!--hope some of you can make it--I'll be at the booth, I think its 311 or 301

Here are a couple pics I took a few weeks ago during painting and final assembly:



looks great!

but final assembly? I don't remember it being finished in the worklog :p

anyway great job, looks awesome, ur my god etc. etc. props to you!
OMFG - I have seen some modded cases before, but that is the most intense mod I've ever seen...totally in awe and now looking at my lightly modded premod case and thinking...hmm what shall I do??