Doom 3 Style PDA

Aug 26, 2005
Well, I'll just start off by saying; Yes I'd like to build a Doom 3 style PDA. I have a general Idea of what I would use for the touchpad screen, memory, HD, etc. however I would know nothing about building the casing for the unit.

So far I only know what touch-pad I want to use (because I'm limited on cash I picked the OF-78-AD3)
theres a link to see the screen and kit that come with it.

I basically need to know What else I can get for under 300$ (excluding the screen), How I would make the casing, and where I would get the supplies.

Ive never made anything other than desktops, so a PDA is pretty new, I'll Probably need some help figuring that out too.

As far as making the OS look the same as in Doom 3, well I've got Photoshop CS and took a year long course on it, so images are covered, but I also wouldn't know how to put them to good use. I thought maybe I could set up a non-hosted web page set up with email, text messaging, internet, voice recording (via microphone built into the PDA), a few stratagy and top-down style RPGs/MMORPGs. The only problem with that, is how to make the computer start up and open that at the same time so that it doesnt show windows or whatever OS I use. Since the Casing is pretty basic I figure it shouldn't be too hard for others to make it, and If i can get it finished and get the doom style backgrounds and programs finished as well, I'll probably host a link to download them for whoever might want to use them.

So how about some replies now, comments, suggestions, tips, how to's, etc.?
heres some in-game shots of the PDA
I could salvage my old Wide-screen Laptop monitor, since the laptop itself wont even turn on anymore (mother board is most likely cracked), and then get a "touch screen add on" for a little less than buying a small LCD screen. However If I did that it would be a lot bigger and not even close to scale size. Not only that, I couldnt sell the screen and use the money for parts. Wish I knew a place in houston that bought used PC parts, Id make a fortune off of the crap i have left over from the last 4 desktops :p
Why not just buy a PDA and mod it? Seems like it would be easier, and alot cheaper in the long run. Besides, they are touch screens, and the right size.
The PalmOne Zire 31 would probably work perfect.

theyre pretty small in comparrison as far as size goes, and that wouldnt leave me with much room to alter the backgrounds and menus with the textures and images I'l be making
I suggested the Zire 31 because I have one, the screen is around 3"x5" with a decent resolution as well. For only $139, you'd get not only the screen, but the software to run it as well. There's tons of 3rd party software around also, and I've seen a couple with modded interfaces.
Rip it apart and mod the hell outta it (Pun Indeed). Styrene would be a good material to use. Nice n strong.
You should have waited to post this, now crimson sky is going to steel it.