Dolby Labs Is Using Biosensors to Learn How We’re Reacting to Movies and Shows

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    Aug 20, 2006
    I am pretty sure that you can gauge how exciting or crappy a movie is just by observing the viewer, so I am not sure what the real merit of Dolby’s tech is here aside from showing a fancy thermal image of someone and their heart rate. The company claims that this data can provide insight for developing better content, but it is worse than I thought if creatives can’t even determine how a piece of writing would affect someone emotionally.

    …Dolby scientists are studying how we react to what we’re watching. Inside a makeshift, sound-proofed living room, a woman sat on a leather couch wearing a 64-channel EEG cap, a type of bio-medical cap that’s commonly used to measure the electrical activity generated by neurons in the brain. On her wrist was a tracker measuring heart rate and galvanic skin response (or, sweat); she also had a pulse oximeter on her fingertip. A thermal imaging camera was pointed at her. This is how Dolby is trying to “better understand the human experience,” according to Poppy Crum, chief scientist at Dolby Labs.
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    Antipiracy measure blanketed by faux human studies.
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    Nov 15, 2016
    so.. another reason not to go to the theater??
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    I'd wear this if it meant less shitty movies and my tickets were free.