Does it make sense for me to go from 2400mhz to 3000mhz in this case?


Sep 5, 2020
I have a i5 9400f + h310m 2.0 + hyperx ddr4 8gb 2400mhz(single stick). This mobo only supports ram speeds up to 2666mhz. Rams have become quite expensive here in my country since the pandemic, but I found these on sale. I have the option to just get another single 2400mhz stick, which is compatible with my current one or I could spend more cash and get a 2x8gb 3000mhz kit, since the unit prices are somewhat close. And then sell my current module. In this case I'd only use the full 3000mhz when I upgrade the motherboard. Would it work fine if I went for the 3000mhz kit?
Yes, it would work fine, it would just run at w/e speeds the MB allows. It may mean you can run better timings at a slightly lower clock (possibly, but it's not a big difference between 2666 and 3000, but maybe you will be able to drop CL down from w/e it is to one less). If not, you're not really losing out on much, especially with Intel they tend to be less sensitive to memory speeds vs. AMD chips. That said, either way would work, but if the price is about the same, might as well go for the slightly faster kit.
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Maybe just get more ram of the same. DDR4 will just get more expensive going forward as DDR5 production ramps up and supply dwindles. Always nicer to have a matching set of ram to pass on.

I recently tried to put a DDR4 3600 set in my X99 rig and it would not work. Spent a day trying to get it to boot (even at 3000MHz speed). In the end swapped for the same type (Corsair Vengeance) but this time 3200MHZ (the highest mine officially supports) and it works first time.
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All right, then. Thank you two. Guess I'll br going for the single 2400mhz stick now and upgrade later on.