Does Areca 1320 HBA card work on a desktop board: Asus z97 Pro-Gamer

Sep 8, 2016
I have a empty pcie slot in which I plan to put a card that'll add to the SATA ports I have. I read about SATA ards and I want to buy this Areca card. But I've read that these things don't work on desktop boards. Please let me know. Since I'll have to import my card I can't experiment much.
From a hardware standpoint, as long as you have a PCIe x8 or x16 slot free there shouldn't be an issue. The mainboard's PCIe 3.0 lanes will auto-negotiate down to support the card's 2.0.

That card does appear to be fairly old though, so verify that it's still supported for driver updates/etc.
Thank-you very much for the response.

Could you please suggest a newer card that lets me JBOD 8 4TB HDDs?
As I read and research I'm seeing people report that LSI cards (9340-8i) don't work on non-server motherboards: hence the Areca 1320.
Since this is the first time I'm doing this, I'm confused.
If the LSI 9340-8i will work I'll go with that.
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