Does an EK EVO Supremacy Threadripper (mistake edition) work on an Intel CPU? Answer In Post

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    As seen from Kyle_Bennett 's HARDOCP Youtube unboxing video of the failed EK Supremacy Evo Threadripper Edition , the EK Threadripper edition of the Supremacy Evo was just an Evo with a wider base. The fins were all the same, as were the screw holds and top. Because I was recently in the market for a new CPU block to replace my aging DangerDen TDX(Original) for my 8700k at 5ghz, I was looking at in the CPU block section. Because this EK block was such an epic fail, it's on sale for $26.95 after a 50% discount. I figured it was a worthy gamble to see if I could just replace the mounting plate and get a universal backplate.

    I ordered everything for a total of $53 and change. It came in on Saturday and I took it apart to rebuild it. Here are the results:
    GIF of opening block and removing Threadripper plate
    GIF of putting intel plate onto the block

    I did not like the mounting system provided by the EK Spring/Screw Combo. I took the springs off it(they were nice and strong), and used them with old DangerDen threaded rods, some thick plastic washers and some metal washers. IMO it's better for getting maximum pressure on the block.

    I want to seriously thank Kyle Bennett for his reviews showing this block to be absolute crap for Threadripper. Thanks to him, I was able to get a ~$80 block for under $54. Thanks!
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    Not sure why it wouldn't work since it seems all EK did was to put a threadripper plate on their Intel/AMx waterblock. The TR is a whole other animal when it comes to waterblocks.

    I've always liked that style of hold-downs. No farting around. The Bykski waterblock I have uses 4 machine screws to hold the block down. No springs. Just thread them as far down as you dare in a cross pattern and hope to hell they don't back off (I got some locktite to help but...). Since the TR block has M3.5 HSF screw holes I would need to find some threaded stock with an M3.5 thread and about 25-30mm long for my TR mount holes along with some M3.5 nuts. I can use the springs from my AIO setup.