do you still think Kaspersky is bad

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    It was patch Tuesday yesterday and if you have not done so, you should grab that update alright as Microsoft addressed 50 vulnerabilities including a zero-day vulnerability.

    The zero-day allowed an attacker with access to the system to elevate his privileges and Microsoft has classified its severity as ‘important’. Kaspersky Lab discovered the zero-day in August this year reports myce.

    According to the antivirus vendor the vulnerability has been used in targeted attacks against less than a dozen targets in the Middle East. The vulnerability was reported on the 17th of August to Microsoft, which released a patch yesterday, the 9th of October. The attackers already had access to the system and used the vulnerability to gain privileges that they used to infect the system with persistent malware. The exploit that made use of the vulnerability, was of high quality and designed to reliable attack several versions of Windows.

    Besides the zero-day, also two vulnerabilities were patched of which details were already disclosed. Both vulnerabilities weren’t actively exploited, according to Microsoft. One is a vulnerability in the Microsoft JET Database Engine and the other in the Windows kernel. Microsoft also fixed a vulnerability that has a CVE number from 2010. CVE numbers are unique numbers assigned to vulnerabilities after they are discovered. The vulnerability from 2010 allows remote code execution in certain applications built using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).

    Other vulnerabilities were patched in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office, Windows, ChakraCore, .NET Core, PowerShell Core, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Exchange server, Azure IoT Edge and Hub Device Client SDK for Azure IoT.
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    I'm still not a fan of Kaspersky. BUT I'm not a fan of just about every AV right now. They are all bloated piles of friendly-helpful-get-in-the-way stuff. I miss the days of early 2000's when ESET was making the version of NOD32 that was lightweight and stayed out of your way while doing a good job protecting your system. Even that is garbage now in terms of how invasive it is.

    I think that Microsoft needs to buckle down and really get their updates straight. There's a lot of CVE's that are really old and not addressed. When you are running forced updates, I would expect the quality of those updates to increase too since its no longer my choice to install them or not.
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