Do you believe these Quad SLI benchmark results?


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Mar 2, 2005
I do, he probably got proper quad drivers unlike the other reviewers who hacked it and made it work...


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Jul 29, 2005
I wont believe it until I see a screenshot and a picture of his rig.. :rolleyes:

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I dont really know what to think, as even with proper quad drivers, quad sli will give you worse performance in most games than it would if you have normal 79 gtxs in sli.

Thats why nvidia havent released quad drivers yet, as even they know they are crap and default to 1 gpu for most games.

Quad sli although looks magic, at this moment in time, isnt ready for mainstream use as the drivers just are not there for anyone, and even oem's drivers aint that great.

I think FEAR is the only game that really benefits properly from quad sli, the rest may benefit, but from what i am hearing, most games resort back to single gpu thus giving you even worse performance than a normal sli setup.

So with the info i have, i would say that his tests arent correct, but i maybe wrong, as he is getting extreme fps at that res, but only FEAR is really optimized for quad sli at this present moment, maybe they have added more games, and his tests are the games that were added, but i really dunno.

I would have to say that I am suspect at this time of the scores he posted.....