Do Images or Games Really Support 10-bit Color?


[H]F Junkie
Mar 22, 2008
So I have two new displays, one is 10-bit native and the other 8-bit + dithering.

In games (especially in HDR) I believe I see a difference (like in the smoothness of the sky gradient) but I'm wondering if it is placebo.

For example, if you have a desktop wallpaper, the JPEG image must be saved in a particular format which is almost surely 8-bit per channel. How could Windows introduce additional colors that aren't in the source image?

Or, for non-HDR games, I know when you allocate a swap chain (like in DirectX) you have to specify the bit-depth. Although 10-bit is an option, I'm not sure many games account for it or even support dithering.

So is it bogus or is there something I'm missing?