DNS help with server 2003 and XP clients


Sep 17, 2002
Ok, I have a small domain (less than 30 clients). For security reasons I am not using DHCP. All servers are running Windows Server 2003 and all clients are XP.

I am a network admin by trade, but have worked with Windows since the beginning, so I have a pretty fair understanding of how the domain works. I understand that DNS is the backbone and that all sorts of problems will pop up if the DNS isn't working correctly. When I check the DNS on the domain controller I only see the servers and one client when I know damn well that there are at least 10 clients currently running.

My first question is this: if DHCP is not running, do I need to build the DNS records manually? Does DNS require DHCP in order to authenticate the clients and create their records dynamically?

All of the clients are placed in Active Directory and their suffixes match the DNS servers.

I'm pinning my hopes on DNS being the source of my problems, as I am getting really weird issues - systems refusing to allow any user except admins sign on, print servers refusing to allow anyone other than a local admin to map to their printer, despite "everyone" having full rights in the security tab, etc, etc. The problems are driving me nuts. :mad: