Disk I/O Monitoring Program


Limp Gawd
Oct 14, 2008
Well first things first, I have been a member for 12 years and this is apparently my first post. I used to buy/sell a LOT and I guess those rules have changed and my posts/threads got purged at some point.

Real question:

I have a workstation with a 2950X and 128GB RAM that I have spent a lot of time optimizing the RAM timings and CPU speed for my workload. Now it is time to optimize disk usage.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for disk I/O monitoring software so I can do more than just bench each disk and guess which setup works best?

My primary tool has the following storage configuration:
OS + software tool: WD Black 1TB NVME
Tool processing cache: 2 x 970 EVO NVME 500GB RAID 0
Tool data for processing: 4 x Intel 660p 2TB RAID 0
Tool output: 2 x ADATA SU800 2TB RAID 0

During review of the data the tool references the 8TB 660p array and the 4TB SU800 array. Cache is not touched except during processing.

I believe my configuration is optimal as it stands but I would like to run some processing and see where bottlenecks lie during various phases of processing and review of the data.