Discussion about the future of the [H] DC team

Since we have revived our fading FAH team and have also brought back interest with some volunteers to get Hardfolding.com back up (still in the works), it would be a good time to do some planning ahead as well. Once Hardfolding is back up and working, I would like to see a challenge page for us to host a yearly FAH challenge. FAH is lacking these by a large margin. However, there are a few big BOINC challenges our team has typically participated in or has recently taken part in as well. I wanted to point out a few of these large ones so that those willing to switch their rigs over to help us out for a few days/weeks will have plenty of time to prepare.

Probably the largest challenge in the BOINC community and one of the toughest is the Pentathlon. This years dates have been determined but we wont find out the projects until really close to the start date. Last year we only had a few weeks to prepare. Since this is the beginning of Summer, it would be great for those prepping to put their systems on summer vacation to do one last big push. We will try and give better support this coming year. However, they typically don't allow the same project(s) to be used consecutively. And they do require strategy as well as versatility.
5/5-5/19 - 2016 BOINC Pentathlon (hosted by SETI.Germany - We finished 8th in 2015)

The SETI WoW Event is large, however I don't know how many people are interested in the project.
8/15-8/29 - SETI WoW Event (hosted by SETI.Germany) -

The WCG Birthday Challenge has been growing in popularity and probably outdoes the Christmas challenge these days.
11/16-11/22 - WCG Birthday Challenge (hosted by SETI.Germany) -

The WCG Christmas Challenge dates won't be determined for sure until probably November. However, it is typically from 12/1-12/24. We have participated for many years, but the attendees are getting less and less. This challenge is through WCG's page.

PrimeGrid 2016 Challenge Series is multiple challenges through the year. Each challenge earns a team points to be tallied at the end. Some may not want to search for primes but this is one of the few challenges where bunkering does no good and is a pretty solid project.
Officially there is only 1 project, F@H. Unofficially you can run whichever projects you want. Hardfolding.com should be our revived stats site at some point in the future