Digital signatures on e-mails; Outlook converting signed message into attachment :(

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    A few days ago someone has e-mailed me and their e-mail in my inbox appeared with a red ribbon next to it. When I open it or preview it, I can read what they wrote and see that they also have a signature.asc attachment.

    Our e-mail environment is an in-house hosted Microsoft Exchange setup. With instructions from Microsoft at I created a digital signature using Comodo. When I send a signed message, Outlook converts the message I wrote into an attachment, attaches it to a new e-mail with a blank body but with the Subject I wrote, and sends it to intended recipients.

    How can I get it to sign messages without converting the whole e-mail message into an attachment and forcing recipients to open the attachment to read my message?

    I want to know how, with Outlook 2010/2013 on Exchange, I can send messages that too have a signature.asc and receive the ribbon mark.
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