Digital Picture Frames


Jan 30, 2001
Don't know if this is more properly housed here or in the gadgets forum.

I'm looking into wireless network connectivity supporting digital picture frames. I found a few that seem likely candidates, but was looking for more first person suggestions as to which one's people around here had used.

Some of the one's I was reaserching a little more in depth were the offerings from eStarling and D-Link.

I really like the ability to play uPNP content via the D-Link DSM-210, but I liked the 4x3 display ratio on the eStarling products, and the emulator they provided to see the products email features and web site config (although the web site was slow, it was easy to use).

Does anybody other than me find it odd that 16:9 ratios predominate when the great majority of digital cameras are 4:3 or DSLR's are 3:2?