Digital Crack

d2 Lod, was stuck on that for awhile. Then a little Wow until it got super easy.
Unreal Tournament 3. As a matter of fact, I'm going to fire it up right now.
Master of orion
Dungeon keeper 2
Fallout series

Usually play those at least once a year. MOO get's played a LOT because i have it on my work laptop (with dosbox). Nothing better than conquering the galaxy while sitting in a hotel room in some shitty little town. :D
Everquest for the first three to four years, then city of heros for maybe a year.. Then World of Fucking warcraft! Me and the wife still play to this day.... Damn it!
I can't put down counter strike source because gungame is just too awesome. 4 years and counting.
I am not addicted to any game at the moment. I am kinda of looking for something good I wanna play, PC or console. So I guess I am an addict in need of a fix :p
Picked up Civlization 5 in a combo from Intel with my i7 970...
Played 23 hours of the last 48.

Still made it to work though.

Tempted to use the steam cloud save feature so I can keep playing at work. ;)
WoW. It's just plain scary how many hours I devoted to that game before I managed to kick my habit six months ago.
Had to sell the systems to stop playing lolz
goldeneye 64
SNES super mario world
super smash brothers 64
RE4 gamecube

l4d sucked down my life until i removed the whole game. now fallout is currently killing me i wander in the game in search of something and i can play the game totally smashed with one eye open. And i still dabel with simcity 2000 (with cheats of course)
console = final fantasy 7 and 8
PC = Battlefield 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004.

Ut2k4 was my heroin
People who are playing WoW and can't get away from it are not currently reading forums :p

WoW is more MJ to my current gaming crack. I do play WoW, but it's usually not my "OMG i must play RIGHT NOW!" Whereas whatever game is currently the new thing gets played a lot.

For example, i stopped playing WoW completely for a few weeks while i played through SC2 a couple of times. And again when FO:NV came out. Bioshock one and two both killed my WoW playing.

So WoW when there's nothing else going on, and i am not stuck in some hole without decent internet connectivity (which happens a lot).
First was probably Myth:The Fallen Lords
Second is most likely The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
fallout 1, i remember there was a girl lying next to me (sleeping) as i was playing it... I did not touch her that night, nuff said.
Oblivion i not as bad, but up there.

Master of Magic
Master of Orion
Mechwarrior 2
fallout 1, i remember there was a girl lying next to me (sleeping) as i was playing it... I did not touch her that night, nuff said.

Wait wait wait.. what? Are you some kind of sleepcreep? :p


Killing Floor
World of warcraft. I cannot seem to get away for the life of me. Ive even gotten to the point (No joke) that if i cant play the damn game I start to feel anxious. The game runs through my mind 24/7 (Yes I do dream about it)
metroid prime [mostly the first 2 cause i dont like the wii controls on the 3rd]

half life 2
I was completly addicted to Freelancer for the longest time. Until the people I played with moved on and i was left all by my lonesome. Every once in awhile now I pick it back up and check out the modding community for it. Its become a pretty big game, if only the servers running it were a little more powerful to hold something like 200 people.

And all the servers now are role playing, which i find to be GAAAAAY!!! in any aspect of life.
World of Warcraft. I took an 8 month break and the release of Cataclysm brought me back.
Super Metroid brings me (and the snes) back every few years and I'll sit down and try and do a fairly quick run through it without any help. 90%+ clear in the 4 hour range every time now. Other than that, can't really think of anything.
Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstation
Unreal Tournament GOTY
Dawn of War (first one, not 2nd)

World of Warcraft. I played for 1.5 years, 150 real life days. Glad I am done with the crack.
Final Fantasy XI. Horrible game, but I got hooked on it anyway.
Diablo 2 and LOD was tough to put down. I've not been so addicted to a game since.
starbattle mod in sc2, holy crap I can't stop playing this.
When I was little, tetris on nintendo, used to play :Dfor hours

Then it was cs 1.6 from 04-06

During that time I got addicted to wow, and played it for 6 years, finally quit aug of this year, since then I've been playing alot of left 4 dead and recently metro 2033 after I got it for cheap on steam
I usually hit up

Puzzle Bobble
Turtles in Time

It's hard to let go of really good games. I hate how the market is flooded with FPSers.
Doom II - Never gets old to me. I still reinstall it once a year or so and go apeshit.
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition - Loved this game so much.
Quake 2: RA2 - Seriously I played that for years.
Diablo 2 LoD - Digital crack indeed.
Morrowind - Great mods kept coming out and I kept playing.
Oblivion - Same as Morrowind.
F.E.A.R. - I replayed the SP on & off for almost a year. Loved the AI and gunplay in that game.
The Last Remnant (PC) - Great turn based battle system. I just started a new run two weeks ago.
Mass Effect 2 - Seriously, I've beat this game ~12 times now with different classes.