Difference between launch partners?

Jan 30, 2003
Hi all,
I'm writing a paper about nVidia for a management course. I'm taking some info from their website for it, and under their launch partners, it lists OEMs, System Builders, and AICs. http://www.nvidia.com/page/6800_partners.html#sb

From what I can understand, AICs are the manufacturers of add-in cards, the ones people like the [H] usually buy. Manufacturers like BFG, Asus, eVGA and the like are listed here. Sound right?

Now, can anyone explain to me the difference between OEMs and System Builders? I know what OEM stands for, but what equipment are they actually manufacturing that makes them different from the system builders? IE - how is OEM hp different from System Builder Alienware?

This information may be cross-platform hardwarewise, but since I am asking specific to nVidia, I thought to put it in vid cards. Mods, if this is wrong, sorry for any inconvenience and please move it to where you see fit.

Thanks. :)