Did Viewsonic quietly kill the 32" Elite XG321UG?


Apr 13, 2005
This XG321UG panel (1000 HDR rating, FALD, etc), originally designed to be similar to the just released Asus PG32UQX was supposed to be coming out 'this summer'. https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/blog/v...144hz-g-sync-ultimate-and-mini-led-backlight/

However, a search for the panel only finds old references (like the TFT link above - the official ViewSonic announcement page seems to be missing).

OTOH, its sister panel the XG320U - which should be the same AUO panel as the PG32UQnotX (600 HDR certified, more affordable, non FALD) still shows up on the ViewSonic page. https://www.viewsonic.com/global/ne...ces-ELITE-32-inch-4K,-144Hz-Gaming-Monitor_49

These two (VS & Asus notX ) look to compete against the Aorus FI32U (400 HDR innolux panel) which at least from a marketing-hype standpoint looks like it will be first out of the gate as the 'affordable 32 inch 4k 144s". Question is: with the UQX selling out and being pretty damn awesome - why are we not hearing rumbles from VS about their version?