Diagnosed poor audio on Win 10 PC......All good now, but one question?


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Feb 21, 2013
I have now got my Windows 10 PC working fine in the Audio dept.
I can now listen to YouTube videos with good sound quality and I can at last carry on conversations on Facebook messenger with clear audio and video.
It cost me a cheap sound card that isn't needed but it was way cheaper than a new PC or giving it to someone to fix

I saw that there were NVIDIA audio devices. So I disabled all NVIDIA audio input and output devices and in the Sound, Video and Game Controllers disabled all NVIDIA items.
That fixed all the audio problems.
A few days later, I had the same heads up message that my speakers were not connected.
This time I went straight to the device manager and saw that the NVIDIA drivers had all been reinstated. I again disabled all the NVIDIA items and everything is working fine again.

Is it Windows that's reinstating the NVIDIA devices or is it the GeForce Experience? This morning I got the same X'ed out speaker symbol and the NVIDEA device had been reinstated. I've now deleted that device, along with the drivers and uninstalled GeForce Experience from my PC.

The question is, who is reinstating the NVIDIA devices in the device manager?
Audio hassles-1.PNG
Audio hassles-2.PNG


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Aug 26, 2009
Windows Update, most likely. In my experience, disabling via reg fix, group policy, removing from DriverStore, etc will work for a little bit, then fail.

Welcome to Windows. Try to find a way to get it to work with the drivers installed, IMO.
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