Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

It must not take long to level to 25 if these are the spawn times. Otherwise Blizzard are assholes.
Early spawn time is to have it sitting there waiting for whoever gets there first.
I'll be shocked if they don't have server issues. You can always count on Blizzard to shit the bed whenever they launch new games or expansions.
Well we expect server issues. This is why its called a closed beta for testing....
15 minutes if I can't login right away just going to uninstall can't spend the whole day Beta testing.

I got in the character kinda moves floaty but it's a floaty I never seen before because the float is animated pretty well like when you swing the character stutters his feet but with upgrades that is when the fun is I think. Had a 3 minute Que controller works pretty well as far as I can tell. You can play Barbarian Socer and Rouge the other classes are not playable in the Beta.
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Already broke the game, my toon is trapped inside the cathedral and the quest NPC it's telling me to talk to has no quest dialog.

edit: I actually think the servers lagged out. My char list is blank.
Blizzard only wanted me to login I guess in the rest of the internet not really important like social media influencers spoiling the game.