Diablo III, which class are you playing first?

Which class are you playing first?

  • Barbarian

    Votes: 74 27.8%
  • Demon Hunter

    Votes: 46 17.3%
  • Monk

    Votes: 61 22.9%
  • Witch Doctor

    Votes: 23 8.6%
  • Wizard

    Votes: 62 23.3%

  • Total voters


Jun 11, 2003
I know there is already a 12+ page Diablo III discussion forum, but it's not really covering this, and I would like this to be a discussion from people who are playing the game at launch, just curious what everyone else is playing. I'm really torn between Barbarian and Wizard. I played casters mainly in WoW, and loved the Wizard guy in Crimson Alliance, so part of me is at home with the wizard, or maybe Witch Doctor, but another part of me just wants to hack shit to bloody pieces.
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It's either Witch Doctor or Wizard for me. I think I'm leaning towards the Wizard though, as I seem to enjoy mage characters the most in any game I play. The Wizard was also pretty fun in the Beta as well.
I'm starting with the Barbarian then moving to the Wizard and finishing up with the Monk. I really did not enjoy the Demon Hunter or the Witch Doctor at all so don't know if I'll ever play them.
I still have no damn clue. I want to play them all

I'll probably default to Barbarian initially
Barbarian was the most fun during Beta, I'll start with him. He was my least favorite D2 hero.
Barbarian. And LOL at 0 votes for Witch Doctor. Makes sense, because it's a shit gimmick class. Shoulda kept in the Necromancer. Big mistake on Blizzards part.
I'm sooooo torn between all the classes, except the witch doctor of course. Playing WD in the beta was boring as hell, but every other class was a good time.
Monk, then Barbarian.

Then on Wednesday, when I'm all done with Inferno in HC, I'll go for the DH.

I had difficulty choosing between a Wizard or a Witch Doctor, but I'll try a Witch Doctor on my first playthrough. Blizzard's description of his main abilities (like crowd control and summoning) just sound like what I would use if I had to create a character for battle.

My second character would be a Wizard, I always loved playing magic characters in games like these.
I was having a hard time choosing between Demon Hunter or Monk, but now I'm leaning towards Wizard of Demon Hunter. I for the life of me cannot understand why I'm having such a hard time choosing. :eek:
Witch Doctor seems to have a lot of cool possibilities (they all do, hence the difficulty choosing) but it does seem out of place. Maybe they just wanted to change it up and give their designers something different to do, hah

Oh, and if hardly anyone is playing WD you know they'll buff him up in some way. Might not be a bad thing to go with another class or three.
Barbarian. It was my first in D2. Monk and Barbarian feel the most polished. WD and DH just feel like crap.
Witch Doctor all the way!!!! Most powerful of all the characters!!!! He will rock......
I pretty much exclusively play barbarians/fighters in games like these so I'll probably stick with the masses and go barb. It is a little disappointing that most people will be choosing barb. My second choice would have to be the wizard--again disappointing as that's the second most character people will be playing. I could just go for the monk. Really surprised how many votes the demon hunter got. The class just doesn't seem that interesting to me, nor does the witch doctor.

(Based on this poll)
Barbarian first. I don't know why I played one in beta though. Not only was it stupid to play the same thing I was going to at release, but the low lvl skills totally sucked. It felt about just as much fun as playing a Barbarian in Diablo 2 that spends minimal skill points before getting whirlwind.
Do you have guys any recommendations for a first time D3 player?
Do you have guys any recommendations for a first time D3 player?

well what kind of class do you prefer to play in rpg's?

Barbarians are mostly melee with some throwing abilities, leaps and aoe smashes, also rely on absorbing damage rather than evading.

Monks are mostly melee with high dodge and have aoe heals. prob cant reach as high of dps as barbarian but offer more group utility

Wizard's are mostly ranged with good utility like Slow time and use the elements like frost/electricity/fire and have ive beams and death rays.

Demon Hunters are mostly ranged with good utility from traps and sentrys and pretty good evasion from back flips and other acrobatics, they use rapid fire crossbows.

Witch Doctors are mostly ranged and alot like a necromancer but with a diff vibe relying on poison frogs and dogs and spiders/bats and voodoo/Hex's "i personally didnt like them but looking at thier abilitys in detail makes me want to play one will prob be my second class to play"

if i had to pick a class to tell someone new to play it would be either a barb or monk but i would lean tword telling them monk because of the quick access to good heals and the evasion aspect aswell as anti death mechanisms later on.
im going to do a monk first
Sounds downright randy......

I started D1 as a rogue, D2 as a Sorceress, I'm thinking wizard for D3. Yet it won't be long before I have several other characters going.
I can't believe nobody wants to play Witch Doctor. How is breaking jars of spiders, raining toads, and spewing fiery bats to kill things not sound like fun? :D
witch doctor

looks like I'll be able to enjoy buying gear from AH for my WD at a much lesser price than other classes
I can't believe nobody wants to play Witch Doctor. How is breaking jars of spiders, raining toads, and spewing fiery bats to kill things not sound like fun? :D

oh that is fun :)

In sacred 2 you could play the dryad and use the plague skill and infect half the map with disease and just watch the xp fly in :D Pretty funny until they "fixed" it hahah.
The real question is this..Who's gonna check "Hardcore" on their first character?