Diablo 1 : Belzebub Mod


Fully [H]
Apr 29, 2005

Its time friends, its time to go back and defeat the Lord of Terror once again!

Download option at the right of the mod page

Tried this mod last night and it is Awesome! Completely modernizes Diablo 1. Ability to play at any Resolution with Zoom features. 60FPS gameplay. New Items, New Quests, New Areas to explore. Game also has a player stash, +100% walking in town & Waypoints.

If you do not have a copy of Diablo 1 on hand. You can download it for free at Archive.org
https://archive.org/details/Diablo_1996_Blizzard (refer to download page for legalities) and keep in mind that this is Version 1. No patches or Blizzard support for this file.

The game will download as a ISO. I use Daemon Tools Lite but you can use whatever program you have to create a ghost drive on your system to install the game.
After that, Download the MOD and place the files in the Diablo folder where you installed it. Launch the game using the Belzebub.exe
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