Dewalt Xtreme Brushless 1/4 Impact driver combo. $30 off @Lowes=$89

Dec 1, 2011
So after doing more research. Looks like I just need a simple drill driver. Can someone recommend a good one please. Not going to be used for advanced stuff. Simple stuff around the house.

For light/medium-duty household stuff, something about the level of Ryobi or Craftsman (not Sears) should be fine. A bit better are Metabo (Hitatchi) and Ridgid. Higher up there's Bosch, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita. Stay away from house brands (Kobalt, Huskey), the bargain-bin stuff like Black & Decker or Skil, and anything from Harbor Freight. Try to find a brand that's available at a few locations near you (because some day the battery pack will die at an inopportune moment).

Features I'd recommend:
  • 18/20 V lithium ion (12 V is too limiting)
  • Brushless (brushed is less efficient and wears faster)
  • 1/2" chuck (more robust)
  • Variable clutch (for (not over-) driving screws)
  • 2-speed transmission
I'd suggest looking at the other tools in each brand's offerings. You may see some stuff that might not occur to you now that could be useful (e.g., Ryobi has a fair number of gardening tools), and having one standard for battery packs could make things a bit easier.

I did a quick look at a couple sites, and found a few good deals:

Check the local ads, there should be some Labor Day sales going. And check Amazon, sometimes they'll have good sales on the same kits.


Racer [H]
Sep 4, 2004
So after doing more research. Looks like I just need a simple drill driver. Can someone recommend a good one please. Not going to be used for advanced stuff. Simple stuff around the house.

Rigid. Half of our field techs use Rigid. They are relatively cheap, last quite a while and have an easy warranty. Great for home use as well as light/medium use work tools.

OTOH, do not discount the 12v Milwaukee setup. Tons of M12 tools and can be found relatively cheap. This is the tool I use in the field for everything from driving screws, drilling small and pilot holes (wood and stainless steel). I seriously do not use my impacts at all. A lot of tech's use their impact for everything I use my 12v hex screwdriver for. The battery doesn't last as long (or no where close as a 18v) but it is more than sufficient for most jobs. Link for example.

Also, if you can wait a few months. Tools always go on sale for Black Friday and you can buy the combo kits for damned cheap. That's how I've bought most of my work power tools.

Where to buy.
Rigid: Home Depot only.


Sep 10, 2004
I gotta chime in here really quick. I have the 12V DeWalt screwdriver at home along with the 12V impact. For round the house stuff it works GREAT! I use the screwdriver all the time for stuff; built shelves and a small bookcase last spring because I had the wood around and wanted to utilize it. For furniture/household stuff it is excellent because it is lightweight and stands on the battery easily. Impact is used to quickly remove most fasteners. If it is too stout, I have a compressor and air impacts in 3/8" and 1/2" for my automotive duties. My other home tools use the now defunct 18V Lion DeWalt batteries that fit EVERYTHING old 18V. RIP to a great middle ground product. I am sure they killed it to further the 20V tool buying spree.

At work I have 18V Milwaukee for impact and combo drill/hammer drill. Love them but they are heavy for use on ladders if you don't need the power, even with an aftermarket belt hook. I bought the 12V Milwaukee screwdriver with dual batteries and loved it so much I bought a second. We were tearing down two elementaries and they earned their keep very well! Only downside there is that you need to spend the extra money to get the XC batteries so it will stand on it's own on a table. I drive a lot of screws and I grab the 12V nearly every time if I am not working in concrete because it is light and powerful enough for most jobs. Just depends on your usage.


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Mar 29, 2006
I’ve been using Ryobi stuff at the house, like others said you “buy in” to the brand and now I have a lot of their 18V Brushless tools. I’m actually using the impact driver now for hanging garage shelves from the ceiling. It’s cheap and has worked for the 40+ odd hours I’ve put into it since I’ve had it.

My grandpa had an entire building filled with old school craftsman tools. Everything you could think of was in there. These days I take my 10% discount and sales and use until stuff breaks. I don’t know of any generational use tools these days. Everything is from China.