Device name not showing


Limp Gawd
Jan 18, 2012
I’ve got a strange issue I’ve never seen before. I recently had to reset my router and reconfigure all my settings. After making sure all devices could access the WiFi, I noticed one phone not showing up as connected even though it is and can access the net. How is this possible? I’ve tried forgetting the network on the phone, but even after reconnecting it the router doesn’t show it as connected.
Any ideas or is this question so basic that I should know it? Google didn’t help me.
Check your phone's IP, than check your DHCp lease on your router, if your phone is connected it's getting the IP from the router, you can confirm its your phone based in the MAC address in each, the router may not be showing the name, but thats ok confirm first with IP and MAC
Solved the problem. The phone was mislabeled and was using (unbeknownst to me) randomized MAC by default.