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[H]F Junkie
Feb 16, 2003
So I’m looking for some sort of software that upon first launch of a system with a user, they are required to go through an accept/training process of their PC.

1. Accept an “Acceptable Use Policy”
2. Launch necessary applications
3. Launch some training videos or tutorials if needed on how to use their PC, Outlook, Tools, etc.
4. Test print (if needed or skip able process if not needed)
5. Accept the delivery of system from IT/IS

At which point all of that data is dropped into a database where we can historically prove that users “Accepted” rules, hardware etc without “paperwork.”

Initially I was thinking a webpage that auto launches upon our first run for deployment and the user signs off on things. However, I think it would be better to not have it an internal webpage. So my question is, is there any sort of software that can accomplish this?


Fully [H]
Feb 19, 2008
Well the AUP part is easy, it's a built in GPO.

The other stuff, I've never seen anything like that but if you have someone good at scripting it could be done. Might need to do a shell replacement to start then have it clear then restart explorer.exe.