Designed to be Redesigned?


Limp Gawd
Mar 28, 2013
Logic supply has a range of cases they say can be modified however you want.

They have a few 1U enclosures that are 19" x 1.75" x 10" with dual expansion slots on a riser. I was thinking of asking them to shrink the width down to 13", and increase height to 3.5" and depth to 13". The only other change id want is a third expansion slot above the standard 2' and a blank front faceplate.

It looks like they might have a minimum order requirement of 100, but otherwise it seems like per unit it might be affordable.

What do you guys think?
They are local to me so if you can make them build a case I would be in for one lol. I actually applied to work for them but the bastards passed on me.
rackmounts...? :/

They don't have to be rack mounts, they say they can adjust any deminsions you want.

I just picked the rack mount case because it had the expansion slots on a riser the way i want them.

Ill try to remember to call them on Monday and ask for a quote.
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