Dell U3011 A02 light bleeding issues


Oct 18, 2011
Hi guys,

I purchased recently a Dell U3011 monitor. The first monitor had some backlight issues and also an internal screen scuff (probably due to a high technician). I called Dell and they send me a new replacement unit (not refurbished). The monitor still has backlight issues. To give you an example, I turned off the lights in the room to achieve complete darkness and took a photo with the flash off:

Now, in real life this is not so visible. My phone camera really picks the backlight, but I'm glad in a way because you can see it properly.

Does anyone else experiences this? I had the same issue on both monitors, so I figure it is a general problem with large computer screens. On the other hand, the monitor I have now has amazing image quality with no dead pixels. Still, I'm a little bummed... even if I got the monitor with a 25% discount coupon.

My current settings:
Preset Mode: Custom Color
Brightness: 5
Contrast: 40
Gain (RGB): 99, 94 ,100
OffSet (RGB): 50, 50 ,50
Hue (RGBCMY): 62, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50
Saturation (RGBCMY): 46, 44, 56, 50, 50, 50

The screen waves are due to my Photoshop edits.
Mine does the same thing. It doesn't really bother me since it's only visible on a blank screen.
Same here, I can only see the bleeding at night with all lights turned off and a black screen.
Still, is not as vivid as my phone camera pick it... I can notice it a little on the upper left area.

I simply want to make sure I did not get twice a Dell lemon. Let me know guys.
I think there are still issues with the Custom Color preset mode, in A02.
Download the Dead Pixel Locator application, start it and set the 2 custom colors like that:

Use the arrows to navigate through colors.

When I reached the Custom 1 and 2 colors, my screen was separated in 2 large squares, one dimmed (left) and one perfect (right)... I was not happy.
I tried to fix it by rotating the Preset Modes, with the Custom 2 color displayed. After 2 full Preset rotations, the dimmed square waked up and displayed the proper color for the entire screen.

I'm curious if you have this issue also. While performing the Custom Color test, any other colors I selected as Custom 1/2 displayed fine. Only the ones I selected above showed dimmed on the left side of the monitor.