Dell st2220t vs U2211h/U2311h


Oct 12, 2001
I have a SGI 1600SW LCD I've been using for YEARS as a primary monitor and now more recently as LAN Party monitor. I'm tired of lugging around the monitor, the MultiLink adapter, 2 power bricks and 2 cables and would like to upgrade. Now I'm eying either the U2211H or the U2311h as a replacement, but I noticed the ST2220t, which seems to be a the same specs as the 22 or 23, but with a multi-touch display.

Now I know multi-touch seems a bit gimmicky, but has anyone tried one of these displays? Right now and for the immediate future I have no real "office" I just have my main desktop hooked up to a 46" Samsung LCD in my living room. The primary use for the monitor right now would be for LAN party gaming. My thought is down the road, when I finally get to set up a proper office, I'll be able to buy a matched set of displays for work and gaming use. That could be 1-3 years down the road, and I would assume there will be something better and cheaper than the U2311H, or I'll want to go with bigger displays. If I got something like the ST2220t, it would still fit in as a control display or side display of some sort.

So what say you [H]? Anyone play with a st2220t? Do i go with a 22 or U2311h and use the money i save for a NAS box build? Or is there another monitor I should be looking at too?

Thoughts on ST2220t for short term LAN party's, long term general use instead of a U2311h, Replacing a old SGI 1600sw.
For gaming, probably go with a 120Hz monitor... They won't be great for digital video and stuff but, well, oh well. Can't have it all, at least not yet.
The Dell U2211H was found out to be a 6 bit panel. Just so you know. I have no idea if the ST2220T is true 8 bit or not.

I don't like the excessive AG coating on my U2211H - I am considering getting the ST2220T for the glossy coating - which would match nicely with my NEC 20WMGX2!