Dell S2716DG 144Hz 27.0" Monitor - $498.54

How does this compare to a Rog Swift? I currently have a Rog Swift but was looking into getting a new screen for my parents summer place.
Got the S2716DG set up last night.
As mentioned, out of the box calibration is awful.
I managed to tinker with the gamma/brightness /vibrance/etc settings to my liking and it's quite an upgrade from my old monitor.
144hz vs 60hz is really something else.

Not sure i applied the ICC profile correctly, even following the steps from tftcentral. there's a few other similarly named entities when i loaded the file and I can't tell which to use.
Looks great regardless.

Gsync has been the biggest surprise, running through city in division and perfectly smooth framerate fluctuating from 50s to 70s, even higher indoors.

Won the panel lottery with no backlight bleed or dead pixels.

I really have to move my head pretty far laterally to notice color shift. More noticeable vertically but that's when I'm standing up or sitting down.

I'm really pleased with this monitor.
It's pretty great, especially if you are moving from 1080p 60Hz to 1440p 144Hz Gsync. It has revived my interest in a lot of games, especially FPS. Even old 2.5D games like RO benefit visually from the smoothness.

Dark souls 2 probably saw the least improvement, but even then it is noticeably better (because I went from 40fps Vsync to 60fps Gsync thanks also to a new video card).

Btw, the 120Hz issue I was having was the 760GTX, once I popped in the 980Ti 144Hz became an option.

There is one big disadvantage to this monitor; now I am beginning to understand the anger at frame locked console ports, lol.
let us know.

Hi there,
So I got the monitor, Initial reactions... Too Bright, bad contrast and washed out colors, very small/feint light bleed bottom center, it looks purple instead of white.
After using TFT Central Settings, ICC Profile Color, new dell drivers and adjusting Vibrancy, Brightness, contrast on Nvidia Control panel I can say it is one of the best monitors I have ever owned.
Colors look deep, contras is very good, very fast response time.
Only down sides are Viewing angles and black levels due to TN technology... don't expect miracles on those regards. Matte screen is not as bad as they say it is.
Other than that if you don't want to pay $700 for a 144hz IPS monitor or you are highly sensitive to IPS glow (I am) this monitor is the best alternative for your gaming needs.

PS. I paid $421.00 after shipping, open box on fleabay!

Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust desktop color settings>Personal preference here:
Digital vibrance-62%

DELL Monitor settings:
Color>Custom Color:

*Also, download the latest driver for this monitor on Dell's website.
*Use ICC Profile from TFT Central!
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