Dell Precision m6500 issue

Uncle Humjaba

Limp Gawd
May 6, 2006

I've inherited a Dell Precision M6500 with a peculiar issue. It randomly crashes. It can happen while I'm doing solidworks, it's happened while simply reading emails... it seems to be unprovoked. I've logged temperatures and everything is acceptable (~65deg C max for GPU and CPU). There is no blue screen, no minidump files, nothing in the event log. The display goes black, and the hard drive access light flashes a bit. The caps lock and num lock keys are unresponsive. The computer will boot immediately following a power down via extended power button push.

Any ideas? I've noticed that everything loads at a glacial pace, but that could just be the 5400rpm laptop drive, it seems to me like hard drive issues would at least blue screen.