Dell PowerEdge T110 $329 Shipped + Tax

I tried to add X3440 and remove teh HDD from this deal, couldn't get this to work @ chat.
Buy system, remove 2 x 1GB sticks.

Insert 4 x 4gb Crucial DDR3 ECC @ 135/set
2 x HD of your flavor and size

VM's will have a ton of memory to play with,
and you can size your HD purchase to your
needs, run a RAID1 if you care about data integrity
(ie. your porn collection) and off you go.

~750 OTD

Turn around and sell the other parts (the 250gb / memory) if you want
to. Dell used to buy that crap back I dunno if they still do
I hate to bump this thread but do they seriously let you do this if you call?

In my experience - no.
I tried myself with this particular system (T110 Gen 1).

Some time ago though ... I do remember people posting about
selling back pieces of systems they didn't want/need to Dell.

May be a YMMV type of thing.

Anyhow ... even at $329 ... it's a decent deal still
for an entry level virtualization system out the box.

It is _not_ a whitebox system for ESXi's load and go
from 4.0.1 up (XenServer 5.0+ - im running 5.6 FP1).
I know it's good for bare metal hypervisors (at least ESXi (vSphere) and XenServer).
I don't see why ESX would be a problem.

no reason to be using esx anyways... I believe vmware is only going to support esxi very soon.