Dell PowerConnect Switches


Oct 9, 2000
Any comments on their quality?

Seems they have a new 16 port gigabit model, the 2616 for $279 after a $50 instantant rebate. This sounds like a ridiculously low price for a full 16 port gigabit switch so I'm a little suspect. By comparison the 16 port Linksys SR2016 is around $700 at most places on froogle and pricewatch., could this be a typo maybe?
Probably a Typo, but I will say that from my experience they are rock solid. At home I have a 24 port 10/100 with 2 Fiber/Copper Gigabit ports that is fully managed and I Love it.
Dell makes (well not really makes, rebadges and sells is more like it) some good quality switches at a good price. Kind of a dark horse in the networking world. Yeah, that insanely cheap for a 16 port GigE switch, but if you look at the prices of the rest of the 2xxx line from dell, it falls right in line (8 port GigE is $150, 24 port 100TX with GigE uplink is $180). If I had the money (well, I do have the money, but allocated to other purchases) I'd jump on this like a monkey on a football.
We use a few 5212's and 5224's, 12 and 24 port GigE switches, respectively. They've been solid so far. They dont have all the management and monitoring bells and whistles that more expensive switches do, but for what we use them for they work great. One thing thats a pain in the ass, but not a critical point, is that our 5224's will NEVER keep the names you assign to the ports. Even if the config is saved, once they're rebooted the names go away. Its a pain in the ass if you're polling the ports via SNMP because you dont get the names assigned to the ports. The 5212's dont do it, just the '24s.

Dell's documentation *sucks* though. Even after you RTFM, expect to spend some time in deep thought trying to figure out what some of the options do.
I've used several across there whole line. Great bang for your buck and they work great.
There a great switch for there money. We use 8 of them here, 1 5224 and the rest 3248's. They have been running for about a year now with no problems at all.