Dell PowerConnect 2748


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Jul 18, 2010
I recently picked up a Dell PowerConnect 2748 switch locally for $30 that was pulled from a working environment. It's a nice upgrade for my home network as I no longer need to daisy chain 5 and 8 port gigabit switches. The only issue is the fan noise. I realize that these are generally designed for data center usage where noise doesn't matter, but is there a mod that is can be done to quiet these things down? Can I disconnect the fans entirely - the environment it will live in is pretty dry/cool being installed in my basement that stays 55-60F year round.

The fans are on the left side of the case, with slits on the right side to draw air across the case. I haven't opened it up yet, but would it to see physical clearance, but could I just mode the case to have a 120mm fan blowing out and block off the nearest vents so air still gets drawn over the components? Maybe change the fans out to something less powerful since the air is cold and it will be under low load?
Open up. Survey fans. Usually these fans are concerned with longevity and air movement.
Spec them out on line if you can. Gelid does some reasonably priced fans consumer fans.
If they are high speed 80mm could get interesting.
A fan controller may be possible?
I have a powerconnect 5324 so not quite the same but it looks like your switch still uses the same size fans. I followed this page and just got slower fans off newegg and it's been running 24/7 without issues for over a year now.
I just cut a hole in the top of mine and mounted a 120mm fan with speed controller.
I have a 2724 at home OP and I had to disconnect it. They are insanely loud, not even tolerable.
Thanks to everyone posting in this thread. I'll look at those scythe 40 mm fans. 3@19 db should be doable. The air coming off the switch is cool, similar to the basement and power draw by a killawatt meter is 28 watts so I'm sure swapping the fans to less powerful ones will be fine.